JEM Coaching helps individuals and couples think about the lifestyle aspects of retirement.

JEM Coaching helps individuals with life and wellness goals, enhancing personal strengths and/or to develop greater satisfaction and meaning in life.

Attending one of JEM Coaching’s personalized and engaging sessions will get you excited and ready to think about transitioning in a turning point in your life. Together with JEM Coaching, you will find a path to enjoy the journey of changing instead of trying to figure it all out at once.

Life changes are a very personal thing. There are no “cookie cutter” approaches. You may be changing jobs or your career, considering retirement, or have been retired and now are wondering “Now What?", or working through curve balls that life has thrown at you. You want to achieve balance in your life, realize your dreams and live each phase of your life to the fullest, and JEM Coaching can help make that happen!



What can you expect from working with JEM Coaching?

  • coaching to understand and define ‘wellbeing’ for your needs today and in the future

  • Support with how to transition through your life change

  • Reducing the natural “now what?” fears and anxieties

  • Providing encouragement and insight

  • Helping answer the Who Am I? question as you transition through a life change

  • Listening, drawing upon your passion, strengths and capabilities

  • Help to look at options, set goals, actions steps and timelines

  • Building your overall awareness and excitement for your life change

  • Providing guidance as you create and implement a realistic and fulfilling plan

  • Challenge you out of your comfort zone

  • Providing education, resources or permission as needed

  • Guiding you toward a greater self-awareness so that you can make decisions about your own life

  • Uncovering the what next…..


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