JEMCoaching Consultations

After one of our workshops, connect with Jodi for a Personal Consultation that will help you navigate through this exciting but “unknown” chapter of your life. What we talk about is up to you! You may have questions about “who you are” as you navigate your life transition. You may wonder how you can manage balance and enjoy life in your new life. Or maybe you want to better understand what vitality means and how it can help you build the life you desire. JEM Consultations are focused on you!

Consultations with JEM Coaching will explore “how can I live with vitality each day?”

As a Life Coach I work with people who are ready to make a life transition. I help them identify their passion and a plan for pursuing it.


Consultations Options:


Lifestyle Transition Coaching


Don’t Let Age Define You Coaching


Café Chat

Meet one on one or in a small group at a café for an engaging discussion about planning your next steps.


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